Netgear AP mode

How to Configure Netgear Router In AP Mode?

Your home network is the backbone of your internet experience. For this reason you want to make sure that your network is secure, up and running at all times, but also that you are getting the best speeds possible. To do this we will walk you through the steps involved in configuring your router Netgear AP mode.

Steps To Configure Netgear Router AP Mode

  1. Setting up a Wi-Fi Access Point is a simple process. Follow these steps to configure the Netgear router in AP mode.
  2. First log into your Netgear router and open the firewall menu. Click the option “DMZ Host”.
  3. Enter the private IP address of your computer and click apply. Now log into your computer and open the command prompt.
  4. Ping the router to find out the LAN IP address of your Netgear. By this you will be able to find the private IP address of your Netgear.
  5. Enter the Netgear private IP address in the browser of your computer.
  6. Log into your Netgear router. At that point you need to open the wireless option of your Netgear router and click the link “Enable AP Mode” and then click apply.
  7. Now click the wireless option and make sure that the option “Enable wireless” is checked. For the security, you must use the same wireless password for your Netgear router as you are using for your computer.
  8. Restart your Netgear router and computer. You will now be connected to the Netgear AP.

Factors while enabling Netgear Router In AP Mode

1. Make sure that your router has been updated to the latest firmware version.

2. Now, open the browser of your choice and type in the address bar.

3. Choose the Administration tab and then select Management. 4. Now, select the WAN port and select Basic.

5. Choose the option “Internet WAN Port” and click Apply.

6. Close the browser, unplug the power adapter of the router and wait for a couple of minutes.

7. Plug in the power adapter of the router and wait for the LED to blink or heartbeat LED.

8. Now, open the browser and type

9. Choose the Wireless tab.

10. Click the option “Enable AP Mode”.

11. It will now turn its LED light on, which indicates that the AP is enabled.

Summing UP:

You may want to extend your wireless network coverage to a place that has no broadband Internet access, or to add an Access Point (AP) to your existing wireless network. In this post we are going to talk about configuring Netgear Router In AP Mode. Some Netgear routers that support wireless networking also have a feature that enables them to work as an Access Point (AP) and you can also vist www.routerlogin.net for more issues

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