Netgear AP mode

How to Configure Netgear Router In AP Mode?

One other name for a router’s internal IP address is its LAN IP address. It’s also the address you’ll use to log in and change your Router’s settings. From the perspective of the Internet, it is entirely useless.

Routers have two IP addresses, one for use internally and one for use with the rest of the Internet. In most cases, you will not be able to alter the external IP address assigned to you by your ISP. However, you are free to alter the factory-default setting of the internal IP address of NetGear router ap mode.

These are some of the most common router internal IP addresses:


When setting up your Router’s internal IP address, it’s recommended that you use a 1 as the last digit, as in or Although it’s not required, many people do this so they won’t forget their Router’s IP address. This tutorial explains how to modify the Router’s internal IP address.

Netgear WGXB102 Access Point Mode Login

You must log in to your Router before setting up the Netgear Router In AP Mode LAN page on the Netgear WGXB102. You can bypass this requirement if you are already logged in.

Follow our Netgear WGXB102 AP-Mode Login Guide to access the AP-Mode on your WGXB102.

Modifying the AP-Mode Netgear WGXB102’s LAN IP Address

The Access Point Status page should be your first stop after logging into the Netgear WGXB102 – AP Mode. Select the LAN IP Setup option from the menu on the left. That link will get you where you need to go to modify your IP address or the address other devices on the same network will see.

The LAN settings on the Netgear WGXB102 AP-Mode need to be configured.

When this new page loads, move your cursor to the first four boxes labeled IP Address. Here you can enter the new address for your Router. The IP address is a good choice.

IP Subnet Mask should remain at when adjusting your Router.

In the end, hit the “Apply” button.

Potential Issues with Changing Your Local Area Network IP Address

Changing your local area network’s IP address will significantly impact all of the computers connected to your network. When you make these adjustments, your Internet connection will be severed. It may take a few minutes for your Router to resume responding after a reboot.

Keep in mind that after making this modification, some computers may need to be restarted before they can communicate with the Router or reaccess the Internet.

Information on the AP Mode of the Netgear WGXB102

You may also be interested in our discussion concerning the additional features of the access NetGear router in ap mode.

Netgear WGXB102 AP-Mode IP Address Reference.

The following manuals are also available for the same Router:

  • User’s Guide for the Netgear WGXB102 Access Point Mode
  • Login Instructions for the Netgear WGXB102 Access Point Mode
  • Access Point Mode on the Netgear WGXB102
  • Access Point Mode for the Netgear WGXB102 Screenshots
  • The Netgear WGXB102 is a router that can operate in access point mode.

Switch your Router’s settings back to the factory defaults by switching it from Access Point mode.

  • First, you’ll need to find the Router’s reset button on your Netgear device. When you do, use something pointy, like a paperclip, to push the Reset button. Hold the Reset button in for at least 10 seconds or until the Power LED begins to blink.
  • After performing a hard reset on your Netgear router, give it time to boot up.
  • Link the Netgear router to the personal computer. After that, open a web browser and go to “” to log into your Router.
  • You’ll be taken to a screen asking for your login information (username and password).

Input Username: admin

Word for your secret code: password

Note – If for some reason, you are unable to log in to your Netgear router, you will need to perform a factory reset to return the Router to its original settings.

  • Click the Continue button after you’ve entered your login information. In this step, the Netgear router will verify that it can connect to the internet. Do you want to set up this device in Access Point mode?” is a question that may appear on your screen if your Netgear router detects another gateway or Router.
  • Sixth, select “No, I would like to run it in default mode as a router” from the list of available options. To proceed, select the Next option.
  • Seventh, select “Take me to the internet” and proceed to the web. If you follow those steps, your Netgear router will be reset to factory settings.

To access the Netgear AP mode, enter the following:

The DHCP server and other features of the Netgear router are disabled when access point mode is activated, and instead, the functions of the existing gateway are used. If multiple devices are having trouble connecting to the internet, follow the below steps.

Users may need help from an expert to resolve NetGear access point mode and technical issues, and the Netgear Router Helpline is there to provide just that.

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